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Schools and parishes working together

The opportunity for schools and parishes to work together offers an enrichment of relationship and hospitality for community, church and school. If we are to seek to deliver ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10) the life of the local worshipping community, when coupled with the encounter of the school with families the local church might otherwise never meet, provides opportunity for each to nurture the other. As one headteacher put it, ‘We don’t admit children, we admit families’.  It is essential that community, church and school regard themselves as interlinked and supportive of each other. Each offers a specialist insight which will inform the others and enhance the life experiences of pupils and adults alike.

In this document you will find a selection of practical ideas which may assist in developing a significant and living “school-parish” relationship, rooted in the Good News of Gospel Values.

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Schools and parishes working together

The title has been deliberately chosen, rather than ‘schools and churches working together’ as it is intended to recognise the Church in its broadest context rather than simply being the building. The school is a part of the parish community. A good way to understand the breadth of the work of the parish church and its community is to ask the parish priest what his/her work encompasses. It might well be that the range of activities required of, and delivered by, the lay and ordained parish community can support or enhance many areas of school life and aspects of the curriculum.

This document is not an exhaustive list, and the diocesan education team are always pleased to hear of case studies where schools and parishes have collaborated in imaginative and mutually beneficial ways.

The contents iof these pages are in no order of priority and will need to be adapted to suit each individual situation and need.  For further clarification or development of ideas found in these pages, please contact the info.ed [at] (subject: Diocese%20of%20Leeds%20Education%20Team%20Website%20-%20Parish%20Links) (Education team).

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