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The Diocesan Board of Education aims to support all its Church Schools, regardless of their status, in achieving and sustaining a clear Christian ethos and providing an excellent holistic education for all our young people.

We believe that distinctive and high quality education is dependent upon people rather than structures, but we must all continue to review school performance and effectiveness and look at the opportunities which are available.  Governing Bodies should, at least once every year, place school organisation on the agenda of one of their meetings to debate and minute their decision regarding the status of the school.

When seeking to change the status of the school, change the age range of the school or to propose a collaboration or federation, schools must obtain the approval of the Diocesan Board of Education.  If governors do decide to formally seek a change of status, the Diocesan Director of Education must also be informed.

An application form is attached below.  When returning the form, please attach any supporting documentation .i.e a copy of the relevant governing body minutes ratifying the proposal.

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