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Make a difference. Make a pledge.
Take the Climate Vision 10 pledges.

Caring for God’s creation is a fundamental part of our Christian living and mission. God created us to tend for the earth. Act now to help limit global heating to 1.5 degrees, reduce loss of lives and species extinction. 

Be a blessing and a witness by bringing hope for a safe and sustainable future, living out the change you want to see. 

By reducing your carbon emissions and increasing levels of forestry and biodiversity you can help to make a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.

Take the pledges at your own pace - one a week or one a month. Thank you for stepping up.

It’s time to put love into action: it’s time to beat Climate Change.

Make your pledge

Click here to download Top Tips on how to take these 10 pledges a step further.


10 Pledges

Sarah, Harrogate
I want to work through the ten pledges this year. I switched my electricity supply a few years back and am with Good Energy now. So I will look for UK produced food now. I think my local veg box might be a good starting point. 
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