Engaging Confidently with People of Different Faiths

Session leader: Bishop Toby Howarth

Bishop Toby HowarthBorn in Kenya, Bishop Toby grew up in London and read philosophy at Yale University. After ordination training, he moved to India where he did research in Islamic preaching. Toby then worked in Rotterdam and taught in Birmingham before becoming vicar in a majority Muslim parish while serving as the bishop’s adviser for interfaith relations. In 2011, he became Interreligious Affairs Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He became Bishop of Bradford in 2014. 

Session outline: Engaging Confidently with People of Different Faiths

How can we relate with sensitivity and understanding to people of different faiths, in our parishes and at work? And how can we talk about their faith and ours with greater confidence? This session will offer specialist insights and practical wisdom, with contributions from people of other faiths.

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