Fear, Trust and God-centered Leadership

Session leader: David Runcorn

David Runcorn


David Runcorn is a writer, speaker, theological teacher, spiritual director, retreat leader and ministry trainer. His books include "Fear and Trust – God-centred Leadership", "Choice, desire and the will of God" and "The Road to Growth less travelled – spiritual paths in a missionary church". He presently works as Warden of Readers and Director of Ordinands in the Diocese of Gloucester.


Session outline: Fear, Trust and God-centered Leadership

In challenging times we tend to look for ‘Leaders’ – preferably heroic and messianic - to solve our problems and lead us to the promised land. The church is no exception. But that is not God’s approach to leadership in the Bible. This session will explore what a biblical vision of ‘leading’ looks like and reflects on the place we all have in it. 

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