Help! We Don't Have Any Young People...

Session leader: Nick Shepherd

Nick Shepherd


Nick Shepherd is Programme Director for Setting God's People Free (SGPF). This Church of England programme aims to nurture confidence for the everyday faith of ordinary Christians and help the whole people of God flourish in their calling. Nick is the former director of the Institute for Children Youth and Mission (CYM) and has over twenty-five years of experience in leading and developing ministry and mission with children, young people and families. He was born and bred in South Yorkshire and currently lives in South London.


Session outline: Help! We Don't Have Any Young People

This session will look at the practical steps churches can take to engage in nurturing faith with young people. It will focus on three aspects. We all know some young people…who are they and how do we encourage their faith? We all know we need young people…how do we make connecting with younger generations a priority in our churches? We all can start somewhere…what practical steps can help us to re-engage with children, young people and families?

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