Seeing God at Work

Session leader: Neil Hudson

Neil Hudson

Neil Hudson works for the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity as Director of the Imagine Project. This project helps churches develop as communities where worshippers can live out their faith confidently every day of the week. His book, ‘Imagine Church: releasing whole-life disciples’ (IVP 2012), reflects on this process. Neil has also worked as lecturer and Vice-Principal of Regent's Theological College and serves as an Elim church minister in Salford. He’s married to Maggie who originates from Belfast, has two adult children and two cats.


Session outline: Seeing God at Work

How can we view the workplace as an arena for God’s activity and Christian vocation? This session is designed to re-ignite our call as Christians to make a positive impact wherever we find ourselves during the week – as well as being open to branching out in new directions. It will include contributions from practitioners in different work settings. (Please note there is a separate self-select session looking at Faith in Business).

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