Wellbeing, Mental Health and Making a Difference

Session Leader: Dr Andy Parnham

Andy trained and worked as a medical doctor for some years, before spending most of the next thirty years in church leadership and community work in south London and abroad.
Having trained
as a life coach, he now works both independently and with the charity Livability as a wellbeing trainer, coach and advisor.
His combined
medical and faith background have led him to a more wholistic understanding of wellbeing, which forms the basis of The Happiness Course.
His book, “Lasting Happiness”, based on his work and reflections of the past years, was published a month ago (Darton, Longman and Todd).


Session outline: Wellbeing, Mental Health and Making a Difference

What does it mean for Christians to take wellbeing and mental health seriously, as they seek to be ‘salt and light’ in today’s society and help build up the body of Christ? This session addresses this question and includes the balancing act of attending to our own personal wellbeing while living a life of Christian service - developing confidence in who God has made us to be.

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