Harvest Appeal, a borehole for Bwasi

In this 21st century we still have the appalling situation of villages across the world with no access to clean water. One such village is Bwasi. Water is gathered from a deep hole in the ground where women queue from 2 a.m. each day to collect a bucket of water. When, after ladling a cup at a time, a woman has filled her bucket, she is pulled out of the hole by the next woman in the queue. We have undertaken to ensure the installation of a borehole and pump to serve this village community.

To this end, we are inviting schools to be a part of this project. Every penny raised will go to the project in Bwasi and updates will be received and shared with schools on the diocesan education website. Information about the project can be found in the Bwasi pack and Water for Life Alternative Gifts.








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