RAISEOnline Update

The Department for Education is launching a new service, which will provide schools and other, existing user groups with detailed performance analysis to support local school improvement as a replacement to RAISEonline. We hope to have this ready in late April/early May. The name of the new service will be announced as soon as confirmed.

The current RAISEonline service will be available until 31st July 2017. This will allow users to familiarise themselves with the new service and provide feedback before the current one is taken offline.  

During this period of dual running we will continue to develop the new service and plan to release an updated version in July 2017. During this time, we will also seek your feedback through formal testing and user surveys which are built into the new service. 

Ofsted Inspectors will continue to use the data available in the existing summary report and inspection dashboard to prepare for inspections, until 2017 datasets are released in the autumn term.

How to access the Replacement Service and Help

·       Schools, Local Authority, Multi Academy Trust and Diocese Users

The new service will be available through ‘Secure Access’, DfE’s single sign on for a growing range of services.  Each school, Local Authority, Multi Academy Trust and Diocese has someone already designated as the Secure Access Approver. They can see how to do this via the Secure access approver role guide.

If you are not sure who your Secure Access Approver is then ask the person who sends the data returns such as the School Census to DfE – this may be your Business Manager. If you still need help then contact the Secure Access Helpdesk.

·       Ofsted and DfE Users

We will contact you with further detailed access information by e-mail during mid-April.

You will be able to request help online through the new service.

Existing RAISE Service Management

The Ofsted Helpdesk for the existing RAISEonline service will close on 31st March 2017.

If you have an enquiry about the existing RAISEonline service, you should contact EDD.Helpdesk [at] education.gov.uk. Note this e-mail address is not for any other type of query.  


We will write to you again over the coming weeks, before the new service is switched on, and include links to short training videos that will help get you up and running.

Our library of FAQs have been published on the current  RAISEonline service.


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