‘Grand Day Out’ links churches across the diocese

A group of parishioners from Bolton cum Redmire parish organised a 130 mile round-trip to Leeds last week to visit Leeds Minster, and St George's Crypt.


At Leeds Minster, Sheila Fawcett, guide at the Minster, welcomed the group with refreshments and a personal tour.

“As most of us had never been before, we were particularly keen to see Leeds Parish Church in its new "Minster" status”, said Robert Hall, one of the group.  “Then our coach took us to the Crypt, where we were welcomed by Chris and staff to an excellent lunch, prepared by their own staff as part of their hospitality.”


The church has raised funds for several years to support the work at the Crypt, and has received visits from the CEO,  Chris Fields but until now has never organised a visit the other way.


“Although we have been giving, severally and corporately, to the Crypt for some time, none of us had visited before: so we were really keen to see around.


“We were excited by the work done at the Crypt, and particularly humbled by meeting one of their helpers, and hearing how the Crypt had welcomed him from the pit and complications of drug addiction.


“As we might say, "It were a grand day out", but how much more it fuelled our souls.”

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