'And... Forgive Us Our Trespasses’ art exhibition

This May Halifax Minster will host an intriguing art exhibition that brings together artists from around the North of England.

‘And... Forgive Us Our Trespasses’ will run from 6th – 12th May 2019 and will utilise a number of contemporary art practices to explore the Seven Deadly Sins

The exhibition is brought to you by Oracles, which is a collective of 7 artists committed to bringing contemporary art to unexpected places.

Each artist has picked a sin to work on, and each has their own approach to contemporary art so you can expect a varied display of work. This includes an installation depicting Vanity; a range of perfumes depicting Lust; Gluttony imagined as a series of images; an unfinished cross-stitch alluding to the sin of Sloth; a series of paintings about Greed; photography representing Envy and an installation depicting Wrath.  

The exhibition will also incorporate a ‘Meet the Artist’ event on Wednesday 8th May in the Minster between 11-12pm and 2-4pm. Here, a number of Oracles artists will be on hand to chat to and provide insight into their work and into the collective itself.

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