Angels help church celebrate 900th anniversary

Flights of angels have descended on one of our churches to help celebrate its 900th anniversary. 
St Peter’s Felkirk had big plans for 2020 to mark 900 years of a church being on its site, but many of them were curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
However, the group organising the celebrations were inspired by the angels put up in Ripon cathedral, and decided to do something similar to fill their church.
Members of the congregation and the wider public were encouraged to produce 900 paper angels, one for each year the church has stood.
The angels were designed to be symbols of gratitude and hope in the face of the difficulties faced by all this year.
The people of the church managed to exceed their target, and produced approximately 1,000 angels in total, of all colours, shapes and sizes. 
They are suspended from the columns and chandeliers in the church, and have been made from a wide variety of materials, and produced by people of all ages, from four to eighty.
The display has been recorded with pictures by Paolina Photography; click here to see more photos of the display.

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