Anglican Giving Survey reveals simple steps to help grow generous churches

2,000 Anglicans were surveyed last year on giving perceptions and practice, and the findings revealed that a surprising number had not been asked to give to church or felt the need to do so. 

Some taking part in the survey reported that they would feel motivated to financially contribute if the building needed maintenance or if they knew where their money was making a difference.

In response, Becky Nicholson, Lead Stewardship Officer for the Diocese of Leeds, said "We see the findings as evidence that we can make small but significant changes to help grow generous churches.

"Regularly discipling individuals in the Christian principles of Stewardship, thanking our givers frequently and telling them about the need for and impact of gifts is crucially important."

The Rt Revd Paul Slater, Bishop of Kirkstall, said, “The Bishops and Archdeacons have discussed the Anglican Giving Review and are ready to help parishes and PCCs look regularly at their approach to giving.”

The Stewardship and Income Generation Team, with senior clergy and staff in the Diocese are keen to recommend three steps that will help grow generous practices and a generous culture in your church:

1. Parishes hold a Giving Review every year.
2. Parishes use the Parish Giving Scheme as the 'preferred way to give' to church.
3. Clergy and church leaders engage with Generous Giving support with the National Giving Team and the Diocesan Stewardship and Income Generation Team.

"We have all the tools and resources that parishes need to grow their generous churches," said Becky.

"We are keen to support Deaneries, PCCs and church leaders in their Giving Reviews. We can talk about the growth and benefits of the PGS, and can equip clergy with the confidence and skills to lead generous church initiatives."

More details along with a summary of the survey findings are on the Stewardship and Income Generation webpages.

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