Animals given a Bishop’s Blessing

All creatures great and small, including a Shetland pony, filled St Peter’s Church in Rawdon last Sunday for their tenth Animal Blessing Service.

The Bishop of Kirkstall, Rt Revd Paul Slater (pictured centre), was in attendance and blessed all the animals who brought the church building alive with yelps of excitement as they led their human companions to the pews.

Organiser, Ros Smith, Coordinator of Animal Christian Concern, said: “The event led by Revd Mark Smith, focussed on the ever-growing concern for the plight of animals in the modern world, not only the welfare of pets, but also on wider issues such as animal suffering.” 

“Many people long for the Church to actively demonstrate its concern, as God gave us dominion, not to abuse His creatures but rather, in His image, to love and care for them.”  

Remembered in prayer were animals suffering commercial and social exploitation, as well as those who help humankind as companions, guide dogs, hearing dogs, animals for disabled people, crime detection and at times of war.


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