Archbishop meets Environment Officer delegation from dioceses

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has held a meeting with Diocesan Environment Officers about the Church’s response to environmental issues.
Diocese of Leeds Environment Officer, Jemima Parker, coordinated a group of 8 environment officers from dioceses around the country to meet with the Archbishop at Lambeth Palace, London, and gained his support and guidance for their work in environmental mission. 
Archbishop Justin has previously said “It becomes ever clearer that climate change is the greatest challenge that we and future generations face. 
“It’s our sacred duty to protect the natural world we’ve so generously been given, as well as our neighbours around the world who will be first and worst affected. 
“Without swift decisive action the consequences of climate change will be devastating.”
The meeting agreed that the church needs to embed caring for the environment into its mission and ministry, at both a global and more local level.
The group discussed the recent recommendations by the Church of England’s Environmental Working Group that the church look at its environmental targets, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which will be discussed at General Synod next year.
2020’s environmental focus during Lent and at the Lambeth Conference was praised, as it promotes a truly global approach from churches across the world to environmental issues. 
The group also looked at how best churches and dioceses can respond at a local level, including the valuable work done by church Environment Officers and the important work of raising up and emphasising young voices speaking on the issues. 
About the meeting Jemima said: “It was a privilege to meet with Archbishop Justin and to hear his affirmation for this ministry and mission in the light of the climate emergency. 
“I am sure that the Archbishop’s wisdom and guidance will steer our work as we enter the ‘make or break years’ of the decade to come.
“I would recommend the Archbishop Lent book Saying Yes to Life, by Ruth Valerio, to all parishes as a good starting point.” 

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