Bishop Nick commends the Great Get Together: What will you do?


The Great Get Together: 16-18 June

 What will you do together?

Picnics, BBQs, sports days, and lunches are just some of the events being organised by communities across our diocese designed to bring us together to celebrate what we have in common to mark the anniversary of Jo Cox’s murder.

Organised by the Church Urban Fund with support from Brendan Cox, the Jo Cox Foundation and Archbishop Justin Welby, churches are urged to hold "Great Get-Togethers" over the weekend of 16-18th June.

Bishop Nick said: “Jo Cox was driven by a desire to heal divisions and to help people, so this is a great way to both honour her memory and to foster a more tolerant society – starting with the neighbours in our own streets. 

“I hope as many churches and parishes as possible will join in the event, bringing people together to show, in Jo’s words: we have more in common than that which divides us.” You can find resources, ideas and register your church here and remember to tell your communications team!

In Wakefield: Great Get Together & Walk for the Jo Cox Foundation includes two sponsored walks – a 35 mile and a 5 mile walk; tea and cakes, a band, and an open mike for music and poetry on Heath Common on Sat 17 June.

Find out more here

The event can be anything that suits you and your community – a BBQ, a garden party, a sports day or picnic – the point is to meet with others and celebrate that we share more in common than divides us.

The key dates are 16th – 18th June for school, church or community events.

Archbishop Justin said: “The Great Get Together is an excellent opportunity for all of us to strengthen the ties that bind us – as local communities and as a country – and to practice our values of hospitality, welcome and generosity, which are a gift that the followers of Jesus Christ can model for the benefit of our wider society."


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