Bishop Nick speaks on PM's Brexit statement

In last week's House of Lords' debate on the Prime Minister's Statement on Exiting the EU, Bishop Nick asked whether the time had come for the search for a solution on a cross-party basis.

He said, "My Lords, the Prime Minister says in her Statement that those who continue to disagree need to shoulder the responsibility of advocating an alternative solution that can be delivered. Surely that is everybody’s responsibility. She goes on to ask people to be honest about the implications of what they want. However, it seems to me that people have been honest for the last couple of years but they have not been listened to. Has the time now come for the Prime Minister and the Government to stop playing a zero-sum game and, on a cross-party basis, find a credible way ahead?" Read the debate here.

Bishop Nick also spoke in last week's 'take note' debate on Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. In talking about his dilemma about which way to vote, he said that, despite some compromises are sometimes viewed negatively, a compromise is a good thing because "it assumes that people have listened to opposing arguments".

"A  compromise was always going to be costly and this one gives both sides something, if not everything, that they wished for".

He also said that a new sort of leadership will be needed in future "that can rise above the divisions and seeks to reconcile and unite people around a common vision for more than trade and economics". Read the full speech here. here



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