Bishop Tony gives a lead with a new electric car

Wakefield and beyond are now within environmentally-friendly reach for Bishop Tony Robinson who has just taken possession of a new electric car.

“It was time to change the car and I decided to jump to an electric version as a contribution to cutting my carbon footprint,” said Bishop Tony, pictured plugging in his Peugeot e208.

Performance-wise, it also fits the bill.

“It’s very quiet and nippy around town too,” he added.

Diocesan Environment Officer Jemima Parker congratulated Bishop Tony on his choice of new wheels:

“Electric vehicles are an important step to reducing carbon emissions as long as the electricity is generated renewably,” she said.

“It’s great to see Bishop Tony leading the way with the transition to electric vehicles.

"To cut our carbon emissions we need to reduce our journey mileage as much a possible as well coming off petrol and diesel as soon as we are able, moving to renewable generated electric.

"It’s one more loving action for climate justice.”

Peugeot successfully manufactured electric micro-cars for town use in 1942 after German forces in France commandeered petrol engine vehicles.

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