Blessing the community at ‘Marvellous’ Manningham

SignThe Manningham area of Bradford has been blessed by a church community fun day – and by a new banner proclaiming how 'marvellous' the area is. 

The large banner, “Thank God for Marvellous Manningham”, now hangs on the railings of St Paul’s Church, Manningham and has drawn lots of favourable comments, according to Vicar, the Revd Canon Alistair Helm.

“Manningham is a great place to live. It’s a community that knows itself and looks after each other. As a church we want to thank God for the blessings he gives us”, said Alistair.

Fun Day at ManninghamLast weekend a community event in the church grounds drew in around 350 people who enjoyed bouncy castles, face painting, candy floss and free food. 

Fun DayMichelle Moyle the outreach work at St. Paul’s Church said, “ There was a really great mix of people from all around the world in the church and its grounds, all enjoying each other’s company. It was a blessing to be involved.”

The next community event is May 21 at Mind the Gap which is situated within Manningham Mills. 

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