Booming choir calls for surplus surplices

Bingley looking for surplices

AN URGENT cry for extra choir robes is being made by Bingley parish church which is happily welcoming five new singers, but has no clothes to put on……….

“It would be nice to have a surplus of surplices at All Saints!” said choir member Yvonne Jones.

“We have nine in the choir and recruiting a possible five new members – which is extremely exciting.

“But we’re getting short on robes. 

“Both men and women wear cassock and surplice and the cassock is a raspberry red, almost burgundy and definitely not “post box”.

“We’d love to get in touch with a church that has spare robes and are not worried where it is, as we’re happy to go and collect,” Yvonne said.

“Importantly the surplices should be poly-cotton, which doesn't crease and need ironing every week!

“And we’re not worried if they are all long, I can make them fit.  

“I’m quite sure that somewhere in the diocese there is a church that has spare, or unused robes in their cupboards and would be glad to get rid of them and have the space.”


Yvonne can be contacted on 01274 297981 or emailed at yvonnehousemanager [at]


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