C5 in Halifax Minster Sept 17 postponed

Bishop Jonathan and the Bishop's Adviser on Church Growth, Revd Robin Gamble have announced the postponement of the first Celebrate 5 event planned to be held in the Huddersfield Episcopal Area at Halifax Minster on Saturday 17 September.

The event was the first in a series of celebrations to mark growth - large and small - in our churches that involved local testimony, music and worship. The first one will now be take place in Bradford Cathedral on Sept 24.  You can find out about them here: 


Bishop Jonathan said: "After consulting with Robin we have decided to postpone the first C5 event in Halifax Minster on 17 September. This is regrettable but seems the most realistic option at this stage. 

"Our apologies to those who have put in time and effort to prepare this especially Hilary and the Minster team.

"I think the small numbers of take up so far is due to being so soon after holidays, but also here in the Huddersfield Episcopal Area we have held a number of other events through Leading Your Church into Growth over the last 18 months," he said.

There will be a similar event planned for the Huddersfield Episcopal Area in the New Year. 


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