Can you make a difference to children in Leeds?

Kidz Klub Leeds, which is changing the lives of children in some of the country’s most deprived neighbourhoods, is looking for volunteers

Each week, across four locations in the inner city and outer estates of Leeds, around 2,200 children (aged 4-11) are reached through high-energy Saturday sessions ('a cross between Children’s TV and Sunday School'), schools work and home visits, all run by a partnership of churches.

They provide fun activities that help children discover positive aspirations for themselves and their communities. 

When Bishop Nick visited Kidz Klub last year, he said, “I’m really impressed – if a little deafened. It’s a huge operation, with a high level of professionalism, endeavouring to give the best to children who are often not given the best of anything”.

They say, “We don’t wait for children to come to us – we go out to them. And having been in the city for over 16 years, we are trusted by parents".

Remarkably, every child that goes to Kidz Klub is visited at home each week. One of the leaders, Sarah Turner (who attends St Luke’s Holbeck), says, “We place a big emphasis on being consistent and through the visits we can build relationships and trust and can support the children in their home situation.

“A large part of what we do is passing on a passionate Christian message that includes having love and respect for others, and positive ways we can transform our neighbourhoods.  The children can be drawn into all sorts of anti-social behaviour because there’s no positive alternative available, so we try to show them a different way. And by developing relationships we help nurture their self-belief, social skills and sense of boundaries.”

Find out more here, or call 01132 456 533 or email info [at],uk" rel="nofollow">info [at],uk

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