Card reader helps boost church income from art sale

Helping people purchase art and crafts by using cashless payment has helped a church raise some £700.

St Paul's, Armitage Bridge in the Huddersfield EA bought a SumUp terminal earlier this year (cost sponsored by church member) to trial it for itself and sister churches.

Treasurer, Bruce Greenwood explained how the hand-held card reader had paid off.

"Our main fundraiser is an annual art & craft exhibition. 

"Last year we realised that few people were carrying cheque books and we were possibly missing some sales as a consequence.

"In 2018 we had almost £700 of sales using SumUp and while some may otherwise have been made by cash, we feel that we gained more sales this year because of the terminal."

Catherine Day, lay chair of its Church Council is pictured with the handset, left.

Bruce said it was easy to use and they hope for further successes: "Using the App on a mobile phone is simple once set up and we have several members of the Church Council available to process payments.  

"Outside the exhibition we have not received any donations via SumUp yet - we are not part of the 'tourist circuit'.

"As treasurer, I also find the accounting straight forward with helpful statements received within a few days of the transactions."

John Knox, acting director of Resourcing Parishes for the diocese said;:"it’s really good that the card terminal is working so well at St Paul's.

"Real success stories like this are a great way to communicate such initiatives and encourage more parishes to think about helping people to give in this way."

For help with parish resourcing, please contact John and his team at Church House, Leeds.






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