Cathedral Kitchen now has added green credentials

Dishing up delicious healthy food for diners at Wakefield Cathedral’s Kitchen has taken an eco-friendly turn for Ea Nielsen, who runs the popular social enterprise café.

It has been widely reported, including in the Yorkshire Post, that the café, which helps fund work at the Cathedral, has now teamed up with The Real Junk Food Project to use food which would otherwise go to waste.

And Ea is delighted that their home-cooked meals, desserts and cakes are now produced using ingredients destined for the bin.

“Everything is made from scratch and it's great because we're now using food that would have gone in an incinerator otherwise,” said catering manager Ea, pictured, who has been in post for more than two years

“We are using it to cook lovely, affordable dishes which everyone is really enthusiastic about.”

Last week, the Cathedral Kitchen, which serves lunch six days a week, received its first delivery from the Kindness Warehouse, Wakefield’s first pay-as-you-feel supermarket and the headquarters of TRJFP.

It will now get a weekly supply of eight crates of food that, although may have passed its best before date or been declared surplus, is still safe to eat.

 As well as using this food for its daily dishes, the cafe will also launch a new initiative in September.

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