Celebrating Mayday for young and old and Dementia Friends

May Day was celebrated in Hoylandswaine with a special Service and Indoor Picnic for both “Young and Old” as well as some of our “Dementia Friends” and Carers.

The Event took place in Hoylandswaine Village Hall and was a follow up to the very successful Dementia Event in December last year, which Bishop Tony attended. Following on from the well-received Christmas event last year, provided for Dementia Sufferers, their Families & Carers, a follow up event entitled “Remembering Mayday” was held in the Village Hall, Hoylandswaine, on Monday 1st May in the afternoon.

Music was provided by the Church Organist, Mr. David Matthews, and a Brass Ensemble led by Mr John Grinnell.

The highlight of the event was a crowning of the Rose Queen, Alice Plumstead, one of the youngest members of our Church congregation, by Elsie Marshall, the oldest member of our congregation.

Prayers and Hymns were led by the Vicar, the Rev. Maureen Browell, who also gave a talk and engaged the audience in reminiscences of past Maydays. Suddenly, the Village Hall was buzzing with eager, and loud, reminiscences of May Days and May Poles of years gone by. We even had a miniature May Pole of our own, complete with Ribbons, to add colour to the festivities. Unfortunately, owing to a lack of space and “Health & Safety”, we could not indulge in May Pole Dancing – an event at which some attendees claimed to be exceptionally gifted!

The Service was followed by a Picnic Tea and people enjoyed exchanging memories of Mayday celebrations of past years.

The success of these two events has encouraged the Church to further develop links with local organisations which support Families and Carers of people living with Dementia. As a result another event called “Remembering Harvest Time” is planned for the 21st of September.


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