Christianity and depression to be topic of new book and launch event

How Christians respond to mental illness is to be the topic at a book launch in Leeds in April. 
The launch of the book, Christianity and Depression by Dr Tasia Scrutton (pictured), will be an opportunity to discuss different Christian understandings of mental illness, and how best to advise, support and help people who suffer from depression. 
The Revd Anthea Colledge, Anglican Chaplain for the Universities' Chaplaincy in Leeds and a speaker at the launch, said: “This book is written for a number of people. 
“It is written for Christians who suffer from depression, who want to know how to make sense of their depression in the light of their Christian faith, and to navigate the different things they might have been told in or by churches. 
“It is written for the families and friends of people with depression, who want to know how to support them. 
“It is written for clergy, religious and lay people within church communities, who want to know what advice to give and how best to help people. 
“Sometimes a particular interpretation of mental illness will be represented by a particular church as the Christian view of mental illness; this book lays different interpretations on the table, and makes a start in separating the wheat from the chaff.”
Dr Scrutton is an Associate Professor in Philosophy of Religion at the University of Leeds, and will be at the event to give a talk and take part in panel discussions, alongside other academics, clergy, psychiatrists, and people with first-hand experience of mental illness.
There will also be an opportunity to buy the book at a discounted price, and refreshments.
It is free and all are welcome to attend. 
Please click here for more details. 

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