Church comes outside thanks to diocesan grant

Outside ministryOne of our Leeds churches has been bringing church outside to people, thanks in part to a grant from the diocese. 
St James the Great in Manston has been running ‘Inside-out Church’ in their churchyard for the last few weeks, with activities people can drop in and out of running all day on Thursdays.
The morning session involves quiet time and prayer, as well as opportunities for supportive chats with people on the team running the day.
The afternoon session is where children and families are welcomed to the churchyard, to learn different stories from the Bible and engage with them in new ways.Children involved in activity in churchyard
In the evening the team have done some manual labour to tidy up the churchyard, before having a time of night prayer.
The Revd Carolyn James, Vicar at St James’, said: “’INSIDE-OUT CHURCH’ was borne out of the present challenges we are all facing, but has been a real opportunity to think ‘outside’ the box, to do visibly ‘outside’ what is often hidden ‘inside’ and to remember that so much of Jesus’ teaching uses the ‘outside’ and the ‘outdoors’ as its starting point. 
Row of tents by church“We have loved being able to meet the younger members of our church family once again, some of whom we hadn’t seen for nearly 6 months! 
“Alongside that have been the blessings of both, the many pastoral and relationship-building conversations made possible with those visiting or passing through our churchyard, and of simply worshipping God (whether enthusiastically with our children or more quietly to mark the ending of the day) amidst the sights and sounds of the great outdoors!”  
To make ‘Inside-out Church’ happen the church had to purchase new gazebos and floor mats, made possible by a Diocese of Leeds Covid-19 Emergence Grant.
If you would like to find out more about the Grant program, please click here.

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