Church-led scheme looks to make Menston greener

One of our Bradford area churches is taking the lead in combatting climate change in their village with a new local business scheme.

St John’s Menston, alongside Climate Action Menston (CAM), are asking all the businesses in the village to make pledges about the practical actions they will take in the coming year to become more carbon neutral or environmentally friendly. 

In return, the businesses receive a sticker to display in their shop window, a certificate and attendant publicity.  

So far, responses have included a local hairdresser donating used magazines to the library, a local gym providing metal water bottles for clients to replace plastic ones, and a preschool putting food rubbish back in lunch boxes for children to take home for recycling.   

The most popular pledges received so far have involved saving energy, such as changing to a ‘greener’ energy provider, using only LED lighting, and drying beauty salon towels on a rack rather than in an electric dryer.

The Revd Steve Proudlove, Vicar at St John’s, said: “It is great to see local businesses showing the way in the fight against climate change.  

“Whatever your belief, the world we live in is a gift that we have done nothing to deserve, but which we are in danger of throwing away.  

“I am heartened by the actions of Menston’s local businesses being an example to others.”

A spokesperson from CAM, Jemma Tighe, said: “It’s great to know that the new business scheme is already popular with local businesses. 

“I know that my daughters Pre School is one of ten businesses already signed up and I feel very comforted to know that they have already pledged to make a number of changes in their practice in order to reduce their impact on the environment. 

“I look forward to seeing more businesses getting involved and seeing the certificates and window stickers making an appearance around the village. 

“This is something that CAM feel passionately about and we are keen for as many businesses as possible to get on board with this great new community initiative.”

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