Churches advised to prepare as cashless Christmas cometh

The Church of England's Parish Buying team are advising churches to gear up for contactless, giving as the UK ditches cash for plastic.

And they have just created a new online resource for parishes to help them take collections by contactless cards this Christmas.

The use of coins and notes has declined dramatically since 2007 and a few months ago, for the first time, more payments were made contactlessly than with cash.

The future for cash from now on forecasts further decline and by 2020, twice the value and volume of payments will be contactless, compared to cash, said Esther Stewart, Marketing and Parish Support Officer, for the National Stewardship Team.

"As less and less people carry cash, it’s becoming increasingly important for parishes to look at alternative ways to receive donations.

"There’s a new category on the Parish Buying website to help churches consider the different types of contactless machine.  

"Alongside small hand-held card readers (which cost as little as £19 each) there now are more sophistic ated self-service donation units available for churches to buy. To find out more visit" Esther said.

John Knox, Director of Resourcing Parishes at the Diocese of Leeds added: "It's about modern ways of giving - alternative ways for people to give in an increasingly cashless society."


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