Clothes recycling project shows "God's love in action"

A church project is helping families across Pudsey save money and the environment by recycling clothes for children.

‘Reduce Reuse Kids’ Clothes’ is part of the Pudsey Community project, launched by Pudsey Parish Church at the start of the first lockdown in 2020.

The Project was the vision of the Vicar Richard Dimery (pictured below with Project Manager Naomi and a Sky News correspondant who made a visit recently) who saw both the needs of the local community and the responsibility of the church to be active in supporting people in their everyday lives.

Open every weekday morning and with weekend events as well, ‘Reduce Reuse Kids’ Clothes’ aims to help people get good quality second hand clothes for their children rather than buying them from new. 

Families donate their children’s clothes when they’ve grown out of them and come to browse for their children’s clothes – much like a charity shop. 

‘Reduce Reuse Kids’ Clothes’ have received thousands of items of clothes, including school uniforms for outer west Leeds schools. Pudsey Parish have become the School Uniform Exchange for the area and work closely with all the local schools. 

Clothes are free and available for any families in Leeds, and the parish are taking donations of children’s clothes from three to twelve.

In the last year, clothes have been given to over 1100 children, including over 150 in the month of May alone.

Revd Richard Dimery, Vicar of Pudsey Parish, said, “We don’t ask whether people are using us because they’re struggling financially or because they want to use the scheme for environmental reasons – that’s why we called the scheme 'Reduce Reuse Kids’ Clothes.'

“It means households can make savings by giving good quality children’s clothes a second home, which means they can be more in control of their finances – while at the same time making good decisions for the planet. 

“For Pudsey Parish Church this is a fantastic picture of what God’s love in action looks like, and is a big part of why we’re here as a parish church.”

For more information about the Pudsey Community Project and the work it does, including Pudsey Foodbank and its weekly lunch club for the elderly, access their website and Facebook page.

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