Diocesan-supported Tanzanian project looks for new support

The Diocese of Leeds Tanzanian Link Committee are looking for ways to better help a diocesan-supported project. 
The ACT Mara Safe House in Tanzania looks to protect women and girls threatened with the practice of Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM. 
The practice of FGM is still carried out in Tanzania, despite being illegal in the country since 2009. 
In a few tribal cultures, this act is seen as ‘purification’ before marriage, and may lead to a larger wedding dowry.
In 2009, the Anglican vicar of Mugumu took a young girl into his care in order to protect her from FGM. 
From this one act, the idea of a ‘Safe House’ was born. 
With funding from the Anglican Diocese of Mara and the UK based Tanzanian Development Trust, a building was constructed that can house 80 girls. 
It is especially busy in the ‘cutting season’ of November and December in alternate years.
The Safe House provides food, shelter and a home and access to education for the girls in its care.
It also engages in family reconciliation work, and tries to raise awareness of FGM in the communities which it serves.  
Currently, all funding for the Safe House comes from the Anglican Church of Mara, with support from the Leeds Diocese Tanzanian link, and some other church funding in the UK. 
There are plans for income generating projects to help it become more self-sufficient
In our diocese the Tanzanian Link Committee has a sub-committee focused on the Safe House. 
They have a small number of members who look to support the project by giving talks on the Safe House and FGM practices in Tanzania to groups, in order to raise awareness and generate donations/ regular giving. 
They also encourage fundraising activities, as they are currently aiming to raise £17,000 to build a fence around the perimeter of the grounds, to help with security.
The Link Committee would like people to get involved in a number of different ways.
They encourage prayer for the work of the Safe House and the Anglican Church in Tanzania.
Donations are also welcomed as funding is needed for staff salaries, medicines, clothes, school supplies, bedding, food, transport costs and more.
They would also very much appreciate invitations to give talks, to raise awareness of FGM practices in Tanzania and to encourage people to make regular donations to the Safe House.
If you would like to know more about the issues, or what you can do to help, please email Rebecca Cain at rebeccaacain [at] outlook.com

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