Diocese welcomes Mothers' Union President with Minster celebration

Mothers’ Unions from across the Province of York have been celebrating a recent visit by the Worldwide President of Mothers’ Union to the north.  
Mrs Sheran Harper from Guyana, the first Worldwide President of Mothers’ Union from outside the UK, was in the York Province from November 4-8. 
Some 500 MU members from across the Province were at Leeds Minster on Thursday November 7 for a Celebration Eucharist led by the Bishop of Leeds Nick Baines, and assisted by Bishop John Packer, who is the Chaplain for York Province Mothers’ Union. 
Mrs Harper, who spoke at the recent General Synod in York to much acclaim, gave the address, and said, “I stand here on behalf of all members who have benefitted from your generous giving and faithful prayers over the decades, to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.
“You have made a difference in the lives of so many.”  
Jean Thurman, President of the Mother’s Union in the Diocese of Leeds, said, “Sheran is a wonderful speaker and has much experience of Mothers’ Union work across the world, particularly with the Parenting Programme. 
“She is an inspiration to our leaders and members and will take MU forward to a strong future. 
“I am so pleased that she was with us here in Leeds.” 
Mrs Harper, accompanied by Mrs June Houghton, York Provincial MU President, and Canon Cath Hilton, Provincial trustee, spent two days with the Diocesan Presidents from 12 northern Dioceses and visited some of the many Outreach Projects run by Mus, including those in Durham, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool.
Mrs Harper was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in Guyana. 
She is a Physiotherapist who opened and managed new Physiotherapy Departments in hospitals across Guyana, and lectured for the Rehabilitation Therapists Training Programme on behalf of the Government. 
She has been a member of Mothers’ Union since 1987, and for the last 17 years has devoted herself to serving the organisation at Parish, Diocesan, Provincial and Worldwide levels. 
She has visited many countries on behalf of Mothers’ Union, primarily as the Worldwide Parenting Programme Trainer. 
She has been regularly asked to speak, and advise Governments regionally on matters relating to the family and the reduction of violence in the home.

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