Eat, Talk and Pray

A church in Bradford is going back to basics in an attempt to reach more of its parishioners. 

St Margaret’s Church in Bradford is inviting local people to come and ‘Eat, Talk and Pray’ as part of a lunch club on the second Saturday of every month at 12.30.  A soup and roll lunch is followed by a short reflection on the Christian faith and then a brief time of prayer.

The Parish Priest Fr Nicholas Clews said, ‘We try to get away from anything like formal worship.  The ‘Talk’ bit is a chance for anyone to have their say; and the ‘Pray’ part can involve lighting candles, holding pebbles or cutting up newspapers.  We want to make it possible for anyone to join in – especially those who are turned off by what they think of as old-fashioned church. But what we do is very true to Jesus because the Last Supper was all about eating, talking and praying.’

The next Eat, Talk and Pray will be on Saturday 10th December at 12.30pm in St Margaret’s Church inside The Thornbury Centre on Leeds Old Road.


Further details form Fr Nicholas Clews on 07985 091748.

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