Free 'Loving Living Learning' posters for churches

There are now free Loving Living Learning posters (left) available for use inside and outside churches.

Please order A4 or A3 (or both) by 16 February from  reception [at] (including your postal address).  

It is also downloadable here.


A message from Bishop Nick about diocesan developments and the ‘Loving, Living Learning’ strap line can be found in the Word document at the bottom of this page. It's hoped it can be used as a parish magazine article.

Bishop Nick also says, “Our strap line, ‘Loving, Living and Learning’, is designed to make sense to those outside the church who wonder what we are about. Language about ‘Confident Christians, Growing Churches and Transforming Communities’ works well within the church as a guide to our vision and intention. It means little to those whom we wish to draw to Christ and his church.

"The strap line isn’t a constraint being imposed from on high, but rather just a simple tool – a lens through which to look at who we are and what we are about at every level of the diocese:-

We aim to:

Love God, the world and one another.

Live in the world as it is, but, drawn by a vision of something better, we want to help individuals and communities flourish.

Learn when we get things wrong, by listening and growing together.

You might like to ask your PCC what this might mean for you and your church".

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