Friendship wedding was happy ever after

Ninety pupils from an Ossett primary school staged a mock wedding as part of a school project on wedding ceremonies in different cultures and religions.

The Wedding Friendship ceremony saw seven year olds Nathan and Alanya, and their classmates from Years 1 and 2 at Holy Trinity (VA) Church of England Primary School make declarations to be kind to one another as they journeyed together though school.

There were bellringers, an organist, a cake, rings, the signing of the register and even a best man’s speech as part of the friendship ceremony, conducted by the vicar, Red Clive Hicks who gave a short talk about friendship before the couple exchanged vows and rings in the context of friendship rather than marriage.

After the ceremony there were photos and confetti outside church followed by a sandwich reception.

Said Clive: “The school were working on a curriculum project and wanted to compare and contrast wedding ceremonies in different cultures and religions.

“I’d had a half hour slot with the two year groups to explore what marriage was and that had been really interesting.

“The children seemed to enjoy the ceremony hugely – there had been great excitement for weeks in advance and everyone came really dressed up for the occasion,’ he added.

The deputy head, Jonathan Wood said: “The friendship wedding was a huge success and it really captured the imagination of the children, staff and parents. Much planning and preparation went into the service, particularly from Revd Clive so we thank him for that.

“The day itself went very smoothly despite pre-wedding nerves and the wedding party and the guests all looked fabulous! The service was followed by a reception during the afternoon where the celebrations continued and the best man delivered an excellent speech.

“The entire project really helped the children to develop a better understanding of wedding ceremonies in different cultures and religions in a fun and engaging way,’ he added. 

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