Gargrave gardens go global to support their local church

Gargrave gardens have gone global this year in support of their local church. 
Every year, gardeners in Gargrave fling wide their gates to welcome visitors in a fundraising event for St Andrew’s Church.
In 2020 this has not been able to happen, but, rather than take a year off, the gardeners decided that they could share their gardens with the wider world by setting up a virtual garden trail. 
Gardeners are uploading photos, stories, interviews, blog posts, videos and drone footage throughout the summer. 
Participants can sign up to receive updates when new entries are posted, and donations to St Andrew’s Church are invited. 
Gargrave is known as a village with a thriving community spirit, and Open Gardens has been an annual event in Gargrave for several decades. 
Originally a fundraiser for the Methodist church in the village, the event now supports St Andrew’s Church, as St Andrew’s forms a hub for village life. 
Although the building has been closed for public worship during the Covid-19 emergency, the life, worship and work of the church continues.
Already the initiative has attracted viewers from as far afield as the USA, Italy and Australia. 
The organisers are hoping to reach all continents by the end of the summer, although admit that Antarctica might be ambitious.
If you would like to see the Virtual Garden Trail, please click here.

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