German bishops meet with our bishops at diocesan Dales retreat

Friendships have been built between our bishops and bishops from Hannover, who have been staying at Parcevall Hall, the diocesan retreat in the Dales.

Bishop Ralf Meister of the Hannover Landeskirche, Germany, an honorary canon of Ripon Cathedral, arrived for two days of talks this week, together with Dr Hans Christian Brandy, Dr Detlef Klahr, Dr Birgit Klostermeier, Dieter Rathing, and Dr Petra Bahr.

Reflecting on the importance of informed conversation, the bishops have commented jointly:

“At a time of pressure and fragility in Europe, and in the light of Brexit, the bishops of Hannover and Leeds met for two days in North and West Yorkshire to explore partnership.

Based on our unity in Christ, we commit to mutual learning, common mission and generous encouragement.

The bishops commit to meet again in Hannover in 2020 and to develop other initiatives together.”

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