Glorious mural restored thanks to generous worshippers

Restoration of an inspirational mural at Birstall Parish church has taken place thanks to the determination and generosity of worshippers.

The glory of the chancel arch mural (pictured before and after) has just been completed at a cost of around £22,000 – all of which was given by members of the congregation and friends of the church.

“We are thrilled to see, for the first time in living memory, the mural as the artist, E. Reginald Frampton would have wanted it to be seen, 119 years ago,” said vicar, Revd Paul Knight.

“Happily, this also falls within our year of celebrations for the church’s 900th anniversary.

“People have looked at the dismal and darkening mural for generations and it’s wonderful to see it restored to its former inspirational glory,” said Revd Paul, who has longed for this moment since he arrived at the church 22 years ago.

“One of our congregation made a donation of £10,000, which suddenly made the project viable.

“Then we asked for support on Facebook and social media, held meetings about it and the money just came in, which was amazing and we are so grateful.”

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