Kirkburton pupils meet the Mighty Zulu Nation

Pupils, Parents and Staff of Kirkburton CE (VA) First School near Huddersfield have been treated to a day of Zulu culture with a visit by The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company.

The group visited the school and spent a day teaching about Zulu culture and tradition.

Children were wowed by a lively – and loud – performance by the group as an exciting way to start the day. “We were shown a variety of songs and traditional dances incorporating some impressive athletic moves”, said assistant head teacher, Andrew Hancox.

The pupils were taught how to say ‘Sawubona’ (hello) and ‘Yebo’ (I’m great!).  They then took part in a number of different workshops – Key Stage Two learned an energetic dance, Year 2 used African djembe drums while  Reception and Year One donned their wellies and boots to perform a traditional ‘Gumboot’ dance. Parents were treated to a showcase of the children’s work at the end of the school day. The day was supported by school funds and our fabulous PTA at no cost to the children.

“The local community was then invited to an evening performance where we witnessed the Mighty Zulu Nation Company at their very best,” said Mr Hancox. “Singing, dancing and laughter filled the school hall for nearly 90 minutes of energy, music and enjoyment – children, parents and staff even joined an impromptu performance!”

Vicar of Kirkburton and Shelley, the Revd Amanda Grant commented, “It was so lovely to see the community enjoying such a powerful and uplifting evening. Events like this one really bring everyone together.”

 At the end of the evening, the sound of cheers lifted the roof! Everyone who bought a ticket to the evening showcase thoroughly enjoyed their evening – many asking when we would be rebooking the group!

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