Knitted gloves and more keep those in need warm in Leeds

One of our churches in the Leeds area has been making sure those in need stay warm, by providing gloves, hats and scarfs to users of the church’s Food Hub.
Father Darren Percival, from St Hilda’s Church, Cross Green, appealed to the congregation and other community groups after seeing those queuing to use the church’s food supply service standing in bitter morning air.
The response was immediate, with dozens of pairs were donated, some of them knitted, so that as the cold weather continues the gloves are still being handed out. 
But the clacking of knitting needles did not stop there with scarves and woolly hats also made so that no child or adult in need of them goes without.
Father Darren, who is priest-in-charge of Cross Green and Richmond Hill, said: "Here we are in 2021 with children and adults who are freezing in Cross Green, while to add insult to injury they are also queuing for food.
"No child should have to suffer, and I felt that St Hilda's should not just be a beacon of hope for food, but a place where God's hands can be placed upon each child in Christian love in a pair of gloves."

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