Knitted mangers to bring Jesus across Leeds area

Jesus will found in hundreds of places across the Harehills area of Leeds this Advent, thanks to the work of the Oakwood Church knitters. 
The church decided to show that “God is with us everywhere” by knitting hundreds of small models of baby Jesus in a manger, and giving them out at the church’s Advent and Christmas services and Roundhay St John’s school fair. 
Linda Holden, organiser of the Oakwood knitters, said: “A number of us have been knitting the tiny crib and baby, though our knitters are not as many as there use to be. 
“They are very fiddly to make and not a project to do whilst watching TV. 
Some have even travelled from Southend by post from one of our knitting helpers!”
Each knitted crib will have a tag attached with a verse from scripture, and greetings from all at Oakwood Church.
The team hope people will place the cribs in places that are of significance, need prayer, or otherwise might be overlooked, and take pictures of them to show Jesus’ presence alongside the community. 
If you place a crib somewhere and take a picture, you can share it on the Oakwood Church Facebook page here or their Twitter page here

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