Major boost - & challenge - for local African charity

The Funzi and Bodo Trust, an African charity set up by a couple from St Peter's Gildersome, has been awarded a major grant that will enable them to build toilets in the Kenyan village of Bodo in the new year.

The Trust, which was set up by BBC journalist, Ashley Peatfield (left) and his teacher wife, Sara, has been improving the lives of people in the Kenyan villages of Funzi and Bodo for the last 10 years.

They  provide medical care, clean water, schools, and libraries, always endeavouring to help local people help themselves by offering start up grants for small businesses to feed their families.

Ashley says, "To learn that we have been awarded £29,000 to build toilets in Bodo is fantastic news for the Funzi and Bodo Trust.

"It comes in the wake of us providing nearly one hundred toilets in Funzi this year .

"Until now neither of these villages have had any toilets so you can imagine the excitement this development is causing and the happiness of the volunteers here who run the charity .

"To get the grant we have to commit to raise £11,000 ourselves in match funding - so we have a challenge in the year ahead in terms of fundraising .

"We are hugely grateful to our volunteer and expert fundraiser Ruth who put the bid together".

The charity started from small beginnings, is run by volunteers, and yet has achieved great strides in healthcare, education and helping people to support themselves.

More information is available on their website:

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