Meltham churches share real love this Easter

Some our churches in Meltham, in the Huddersfield area, have been showing their parish what real love looks like this Easter.
Inspired by the #realove campaign, a push to share the love of Jesus around Valentine’s Day, the churches prepared felt hearts to share with teachers, school children, care homes and care staff over the Easter period.
These hearts were made by sewing two felt hearts together to make a pouch, into which was placed a card with a message of Easter love written on it. 
Creative people from within and outside the church joined in making the hearts, and they were successfully given to all the people the churches wanted to share their love with.
To engage with the wider community, 400 small stones were painted with weather resistant heart designs and placed on a local path, with a message for passers-by to take one. 
Over the Easter weekend four crosses were placed in the graveyards of the four churches in the Parish, with a large red heart fixed to each one with the simple message: “Real Love”.  
A tree in each graveyard was also decorated – some with red hearts, some with bunting, some with papier-mache Easter eggs to celebrate the Resurrection. 
300 postcards with the RealLove symbol and the words of “When I survey the wondrous cross” were also made available.
The Revd John Dracup, Vicar of the parish, said: “We were unable to do a walk of witness this year, so we were looking for creative ways to witness and say "the Church is still here". 
“Lots of love and caring has been shown this year - love is at the centre of our Gospel. 
“Many people have sacrificed a great deal, not least their time, to show others that they are cared for and loved.
 “Through "RealLove", we hope to enable people to acknowledge and express their desire to live in a caring and loving community. 
“It has been amazing to see how many people in the Church have become involved, but perhaps even more amazing to see how many people outside the Church have wanted to join in too. 
 “Through our Easter churchyard displays we hope to communicate that at the heart of the Christian faith is the belief that at the heart of "real love" is the sacrifice of the cross.”

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