Multi cultural Britain changes face of church

For some, multi-cultural Britain, has changed the face of the church- St George’s, Barnsley is one of them.

When vicar, the Revd David Munby and his wife, Jill, first came to this former mining town, their congregation and the townsfolk itself were mostly white British. The couple had a dream that the church would become a house for all nations and over the last ten years, that dream has slowly become a reality.

Last year they baptised over 50 people - many of whom needed a translator - and now 40 per cent of the congregation of St George’s is made up of asylum seekers and refugees – and they play a vital role in the running of the church.

Last Easter, the church featured in a BBC documentary called The Battle for Christianity which looked at confident, assertive faith replacing traditional churches in the UK. Professor Robert Beckford looked at how immigration, radical social action, conservative morality and charismatic worship were transforming the face of Christianity in this country.

He visited Barnsley St George's - you can watch their story here…[Video:]


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