New climate toolkit for churches launches

Ways the church can respond to the climate crisis will be the topic at the Leeds launch of a new climate toolkit on February 5.
The Climate Emergency Toolkit, from Tearfund, is a new resource to help churches confront issues the world faces, and has been put together in collaboration with a coalition of Christian organisations, activists and church leaders, including our own Diocesan Environment Officer, Jemima Parker.
The toolkit looks to put churches on a path to action, with resources to help churches prepare for making changes, declare an intent to face climate change, and make an impact.
About the launch, Jemima Parker said: “Here is a tool that can help us work out our church family’s response to the climate emergency, to take a three-step approach: Prepare, Declare, Impact. 
“Now churches can come along side other organisations in the community, living out our faith with a carbon reduction plan and having an impact in the local area. 
“It has been a pleasure working with the Tearfund team to develop this toolkit for churches.”
To get the details to join the launch event, please email Mark Powley at marktpowley [at]
A link to more information, and the toolkit itself, can be found here.

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