No holds baa-ed at St Chad's Lamb Blessing Service

The annual Blessing of the Lambs Service took place in a windy, but thankfully dry Nidderdale with help from Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley.

Organised by Revd Darryl Hall and worshippers at St Chad's, Middlesmoor, the service on Sunday (complete with much loud baa-ing) may be watched here

This special service in the parish of Upper Nidderdale has been a regular event for several years at which local farmers bring their lambs to be blessed on behalf of the wider community. 

Thanks is given for the work of our farmers in providing food for our table and wool for our textiles.

Thoughts and prayers from this beautiful dale are sent to the towns and cities of Yorkshire which are built on the wool trade at a service that brings together the whole of our wider Church community throughout Yorkshire and our Diocese of Leeds. 

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