One of our Bradford priests features in Yorkshire Midwives on Call

One of our priests and her daughter have recently featured on BBC2’s Yorkshire Midwives on Call.

The Revd Lucy Wormsley, Vicar of Wyke, and her husband Jonathan welcomed their daughter with a home water birth, all filmed for the BBC2 programme that aims to show the work of dedicated midwives who are on call and ready for action for expectant mums in Bradford.

Revd Lucy said: “We signed up to feature in the program because we saw it as an opportunity to share our faith in a new and, if we’re honest, slightly scary way, through the birth story of our daughter, Florence.  

“It was a great way for us, not only to share our faith and celebrate the birth of Florence, but also to help in our small way, to showcase Bradford and show off this wonderful provision of a designated homebirth team, which isn’t common across all other UK cities.  

“Being involved in the program has opened up many conversations with people in the Parish, and we have come to realise that home birthing seems to be a really popular choice in our area.

“It’s definitely something we would chose again, although it might feel a bit odd next time without the film crew involved too!”

Lucy’s episode can be found on the BBC iPlayer here.

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