Parish Giving Scheme launches across diocese

Christians from across the diocese have been hearing about a new option to increase the giving at their churches. 
The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), which aims to making regular giving easier at a parish level, has been launched this month with five events, one in each episcopal area.
The final launch event was held at St Peter’s Church Shipley, where some 50 people heard from various speakers about the scheme.
Helen Richardson, CEO of Parish Giving Scheme, explained the system and its benefits, saying: “The scheme offers a professional service at a parish level, with a local focus but a reduced administrative burden. 
“Giving enables us to worship better together, share our faith and values more easily, value our buildings more and serve our local community more effectively.
“These benefits from the scheme are delivered locally, with a local focus supported by central strength.”
The Parish Giving Scheme aims to make direct debit giving to local churches easier, by allowing those giving to ‘inflation-proof’ their gift when they make it, and also increasing cash-flow to the church, with reduced banking administration and faster transfer of Gift Aid.
St Peter’s Church Shipley has been acting as a pilot church for the scheme, and those at the event heard from Mike Moss, Treasurer of the St Peter’s PCC, about how they found it.
Mike said: “The PGS is easy to recommend for me, as it has reduced our administrative burden substantially and made giving easier.”
The Revd Sandra Benham, Vicar of Baildon, was also at the event, as her church has been operating the scheme as a pilot programme. 
She said: “Our PCC agreed to try the scheme out unanimously.  
“It’s reduced the admin our treasurer has to do, and made it easier for them to prioritise their time better on other good work.
“The scheme was very clear about how to use it, and it has helped increase our giving sustainably, staying in line with inflation.”
For more information click here or please contact Janet Edmond, Diocesan Stewardship Officer.

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