Parish Giving Scheme launches Digital Service

Following a successful pilot scheme supported by the Diocese of Leeds, the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) has launched its new digital service. 

Since its introduction in January 2020, churches across the country have been signing up to the PGS and it is now the preferred way to give for the Diocese of Leeds and the Church of England’s recommended planned giving scheme. The scheme offers parishes a proven way to boost levels of income, along with a myriad of other benefits for parishes and givers alike. 

The new digital service provides donors with an alternative online method for setting up regular giving by direct debit, complementing the existing telephone service and paper gift forms. 

Janet Edmond, Stewardship Officer for the Diocese of Leeds, said, “The launch of the PGS Digital Service means there are now 3 ways to give through the PGS; online, by phone and by post. Each method is simple and secure.” 

“Giving our donors more choice in how they give is important as is the reassurance that every pound gifted goes to support their church’s mission and ministry, with no donor fees or charges to parishes.”

The PGS Digital Service means donors can have complete control over their giving with 24/7 access to their online giving account and the freedom to change the value of direct debits and giving preferences at any time.

A resource pack of materials on the national PGS website has been made available to parishes already registered with the PGS, to help promote the digital service to their congregation and local community. 

PGS registered parishes are also invited to sign up for a place on a live webinar entitled The PGS Digital Service on Wednesday, May 12 at 2pm. In this webinar representatives from the PGS and Church of England will guide attendees through the new online offer as well as how to make the most of the service as part of a giving review. Register your place here.

Donors can easily set up regular giving by direct debit with parishes already registered with the PGS by visiting the PGS website and searching for their parish page. However, where a parish is not registered with the scheme, an individual donor is still able to search for their parish and register their interest. This will result in the PGS notifying a diocese that a donor in their area would like to start giving via the scheme.

Find out more about the PGS Digital Service here on our dedicated section of the website. It includes a recorded webinar, which features Janet introducing the scheme.

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